A powerful guide to using the whole food plant-based plate to help you reverse disease, regenerate your health and

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A letter from the editor:

Welcome to the first edition of the Disease Reversal and Prevention Digest, a companion publication to the International Journal of Disease Reversal and Prevention (IJDRP). The Digest’s mission is to promote the advancement of knowledge to the general public about plant-based research, education, and use of nutrition and lifestyle medicine in the treatment, prevention and reversal of chronic disease.

In each edition, we will interview the authors who have published in the IJDRP about their articles so there is no middle man to interpret the science. There will be no blogger or journalist putting a slant on the research outcomes, just the truth and facts about the research in terms anyone can comprehend. We believe everyone has a right to understand the science that could impact their health.

Also, you will find additional articles and interviews about exercise, well-being, stress management, mindfulness, financial health, delicious and nutritious recipes, overcoming poor health habits, regeneration of the ecosystem of food and much more. We will also highlight a success story in each edition of someone who has overcome serious health issues with lifestyle interventions.

Our hope is that this knowledge will empower and encourage you, with the tools to lead a healthy life and that you share that awareness with your friends, family and healthcare providers, further promoting lifestyle interventions as the primary prescription for chronic disease.

Finally, I want to personally invite you to share with us what is important to you. Share with comments on the articles, suggestions for further interviews or articles and should you care to write for us please submit an article. I will respond as soon as possible to each inquiry.


Laurie L. Marbas, MD, MBA
Editor, Disease Reversal and Prevention Digest | Senior Managing Editor, IJDRP

Laurie Marbas, MD, MBA is a board certified family and lifestyle medicine physician and has been using food as medicine since 2012. She received her dual degrees (MD and MBA) from Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center School of Medicine and TTU School of Business. Laurie was awarded the Texas Tech University School of Medicine Gold Headed Cane Award, a symbol for excellence in the art of medicine and the care of patients. She is also USAF veteran, wife, mother of 3 grown children, podcast host, author, speaker and avid runner.


Sponsored by The Plantrician Project in association with the International Journal for Disease Reversal and Prevention

The Digest is a companion publication of the International Journal of Disease Reversal and Prevention (ijdrp.org). The journal is a peer reviewed, open access journal committed to the highest level of credibility and integrity in scientific publishing, free from outside industry influence. The goal is to create an internationally recognized journal that will become the primary repository of scientific research documenting the effects of nutrition and lifestyle to arrest and reverse chronic lifestyle-related diseases.

The Plantrician Project’s mission is to educate, equip and empower our physicians and healthcare practitioners with knowledge about the indisputable benefits of plant-based nutrition. To provide them with the resources they, in turn, use to inform and inspire their patients to shift from the Western industrialized diet to a life-changing, whole-food, plant-based way of living.

Current initiatives include: Plant-Based Docs, Plant-Based Nutrition Resource Guide, the annual PBNHC Conference, Culinary Rx, Food Math 101, the Plant-Based Nutrition Quick Start Guide and the Pediatric Plant-Based Nutrition Quick Start Guide.